3 Tips To Improve Your Food Packaging Design

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3 Tips To Improve Your Food Packaging Design

15 August 2017
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When it comes to purchasing food items, consumers often make decisions based on what they see on the grocer's shelves. This means that the type of packaging you use for your food products could have a significant impact on overall sales. Taking the time to redesign your dated food packaging can be a simple and effective way to boost profits in the future.

Here are three tips that you can use to improve your packaging design.

1. Make sure your packaging has contrast.

When designing packaging for your food products, you want to ensure that the packaging's design has a lot of contrast. Contrast will help to catch the eye of consumers scanning their grocer's shelves for food products to purchase each day.

You can incorporate contrast into your design by using a dark background with white lettering, or a white background with bold lettering. You should also look at your competitor's packaging when trying to update your own design. You want your packaging to contrast with these competitors so that your food products stand out rather than blend in on the grocer's shelves.

2. Make good use of imagery.

Consumers respond to visual cues when it comes to purchasing decisions, so providing buyers with a glimpse of your product can be beneficial. If the food product you are selling is a processed one, then it's in-box appearance likely isn't the most attractive. You can overcome this obstacle by opting to incorporate imagery into your packaging design.

Include a high quality image of your food item after it has been prepared, or add an image of a recipe that utilizes your food item as an ingredient. These images will help consumers better visualize how they will prepare your food item in the future, making them more willing to buy.

3. Ensure that your packaging is easy to open.

Attracting first-time buyers is important when it comes to packaging design, but you need consumers to repeatedly purchase your food item if you want to boost your overall sales. The experience a consumer has with your food product's packaging can determine whether or not a repeat purchase will be made.

Ensure that your packaging is durable, yet easy to open when the consumer is ready to use the food within it. A package that is difficult to open will leave a negative taste in consumers' mouths, which could prevent them from purchasing your product in the future.

Being able to utilize your packaging design to make food products more attractive to consumers will make your company more profitable over time. Redesign outdated packaging to include contrast, imagery, and easy-to-open access. For more information, contact companies like Arc and Co.